• Carburetor Rebuilding
  • Single Induction carbs
  • Dual Induction carbs.
  • TSX carbs.
  • USX carbs.
  • Pony Motor carbs.
  • Carburetor Rebuilding
  • Ensign carbs.
  • Spoker & Waterloo Boy carbs.

All carburetors are completely disassembled. All of the passages are cleaned with correct drill bits and glass beaded. All parts are cleaned and polished. The castings are painted green (or your choice of color). Brass carburetors are polished. All carburetors are pre-set. You will have to fine tune the carburetor to your tractor. You will receive the same carburetor back that you sent in.

We also rebuild other antique tractor carburetors
Please call for price quotes

  • Bottom Stem Repair
  • Single Induction
  • Dual Induction
  • Casting Repairs
  • Carburetor Boring
  • Single Induction
  • Dual Induction
  • "Big Nut" G Carburetors
  • Resurfacing Mounting Flange
  • Parts Manufacturing
    We can manufacture almost any carburetor part. Please call for your needs and price quoting


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